Germicidal lamp UVClean AIR (S,L)

The principle of operation of this germicidal lamp is disinfection of air that flows through the device by its circulation through UVC radiation (no fans included, which makes it the most silent model in our portfolio). You can use it in rooms with own airconditioning system where the air is flowing through them. Depending on the model, the lamp is equipped with 1×15 W (S) or 1×30 W (L) germicidal lamp. UVClean AIR is designed for ceiling and wall mounting. Allows disinfection of various types of industrial premises, offices, etc.

Product Description

Advantages of using a UVClean AIR (S,L) lamp:

  •  Can be hung on the ceiling or wall.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Disinfection of air in industrial premises, passages, warehouses, laboratories, offices, etc.
  • Options: color or shape modification, remote control, wi-fi, or mobile app
  • Work – disinfection in the presence of humans and animals
  • Heavy duty resistant, adapted to industrial applications
  • Eliminate or significantly reduce the appearance of viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi, yeast.


  • Power: 15 W or 30 W
  • Mounting method: Ceiling / Wall
  • Germicidal lamp life: 9000 hours
  • Dimensions S: [mm]: 484/107/112
  • Dimensions L [mm]: 942/107/112
  • Weight S: 2.50 kg
  • Weight L: 4.50 kg
  • Warranty: 24m

Produced by Buldecor Ltd.