Germicidal lamp SINGLE

Germicidal lamp with ultraviolet light UVClean SINGLE:
Ultraviolet lamp for air disinfection with UVC light. The germicidal lamp is intended for work in the presence of people and animals. Extremely powerful model disinfection lamp with 2×30 W germicidal lamp. The principle of operation of this germicidal lamp is disinfection of air flowing through the device. The lamp has powerful fans that suck undisinfected air from the room in which it is placed and disinfect it in the housing of the device by irradiating with UVC light, after which the air comes out disinfected and purified.

Installation of UV disinfection lamp:
Germicidal lamp UVClean SINGLE is made for wall or ceiling mounting. Allows disinfection of various types of industrial premises, offices, etc.

Advantages of using a UVClean SINGLE lamp:
– Available in models for wall or ceiling mounting.
– Two fans that increase the efficiency of the lamp.
– Low energy consumption.
– Disinfection of air in industrial facilities, passages, warehouses, laboratories, offices, etc.
– Work – disinfection in the presence of humans and animals
– Heavy duty resistant, adapted to industrial applications
– Efficiency of 125 m3 / h confirmed by studies.
– Eliminate or significantly reduce the appearance of bacteria, mold, fungi, yeast.

Power: 60 W
Air range: 125 m3 / h
Germicidal lamp life: 9000 hours
Dimensions without stand: [mm]: 1160/210/130
Weight: 9 kg
Warranty: 24m
Produced by Buldecor Ltd.

NOTE: The price does not include VAT. Transport costs (delivery) are at the expense of the customer.


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