Germicidal lamp

October 23, 20200

by bnik

2020 will be remembered all over the world. At the beginning of the year, a virus put all nations of the world under an epidemic situation. Yes, it is COVID-19 and its destructive impact on the population.

The Bulgarian company Opticoelectron, like all large companies, reacted quickly to the changing situation. Employees are constantly monitored and compliance with epidemic precautions is checked. Currently, UVC lamps are installed for air purification in most of the company’s rooms with more than one worker and the premises on the territory of the Industrial Park are additionally irradiated. But the company did not want to limit itself to its own protection in 2020.

In the middle of this year, a subsidiary of Opticoelectron launched a product series of bactericidal UV lamps adapted for air and surface purification for home, office and industrial premises. UVClean is a commercial brand under the umbrella of the optical company. In an extremely short time, but thanks to engineers and biologists, UVClean launched a total of 7 different bactericidal lamps.

Depending on the volume of the room and according to the customer’s wishes, the bactericidal lamps under the UVClean brand can be mounted on a wall, ceiling or on a mobile stand. At their core and structure, they are made up of one or more bactericidal emitters. The principle of operation of all bactericidal lamps is disinfection of air and surfaces by UVC radiation.

UVClean offers its customers various functionalities for its bactericidal lamps, such as: the presence of a motion sensor, remote control or WiFi module with built-in Android application for remote control.

The entire product range of UVClean is located in and is available in Bulgarian and English. Orders can be placed both online and by phone. The company that produces bactericidal lamps has sufficient capacity for large-scale production and meeting the needs of the population.

UVClean bactericidal lamps are a suitable solution to increase the protection against various airborne and contact viruses and ensure peace and security of the user.

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